Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The "Stuck on Stupid" Dictionary #20

Yes here we are once again, adding yet more words to the lexicon of local terms more commonly known here in Toledo as the "Stuck on Stupid Dictionary". 

Now for those of you who have somehow managed to miss previous postings in this area (shame on you, now go back and read all of the postings under the title of dictionary), the SOS dictionary is a reference guide to terms which nominally mean something to the rest of the English speaking world, but appear to mean something entirely different to us in Toledo and Northwest Ohio. 

Legislative Dysfunction: 
1. A legislative process which misfires during execution or fails to reach satisfactory conclusion (similar to erectile dysfunction) because: it is unnecessary to begin with, provides no additional safety to the public, and cannot reasonably be enforced. 
2. Recently passed legislation by the Toledo City Council on "safely passing bicycles" and "texting while driving".


Roland Hansen said...

Well, excu-u-use me! I don't get it cuz I was texting while riding my bike.

The passing a bicycle ordinance should not be necessary. In the event of a problem, it seems to me as though the police could cite the motor vehicle driver with reckless driving.

In regard to the texting ordinance, it should have included a ban on any and all cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle.

Tim Higgins said...


I would include both examples that you cite as "reckless driving"; and add: putting on make up, reading, eating, and anything else that distracts from driving.

Council could better spend its time considering its 2010 budget.

Roland Hansen said...

Good point, Tim.