Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toledo Is #1 In Ohio

The numbers are in and Toledo is the #1 ... worst metropolitan area in creating and sustaining economic growth in Ohio, at least according to the Milken Institute / Greenstreet Real Estate Partners Best Performing Cities Index

Dropping four places in this list from last year's showing of 194, Toledo came in at 198 of the top 200 cities in the 2009 survey, surpassing other Ohio cities: Youngstown (193), Canton (190), Cleveland (186), Dayton (183), and Akron (167) in its failures; in a survey whose numbers were calculated based on job growth and wage and salary levels, as well as other criteria. No Ohio city was ranked in the top 100 in this survey (though Columbus came in at 108), and in fact only Detroit and Flint, MI ranked worse in the survey conducted nationally every year. (Something to aspire to perhaps?) 

Governor Strickland must be very proud to have so many of Ohio's cities near the bottom of the list on this survey. Perhaps the plan to delay the reduction of state income taxes will have an even greater impact on next year's effort and group Ohio cities closer together near the bottom. 

Locally one has to be thinking. Our current Mayor, Carlton S. Finkbeiner has been holding press conferences almost every day lately in the hopes of once and for all establishing his legacy of leadership in Toledo. With the release of these numbers, perhaps he has yet another reason to do so, and an accomplishment he can truly call his own ...


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


So to summarize..., Nobody (meaning no city) sucks as bad as Toledo..., In Ohio, that is.

And that is the legacy of one Carleton S. (for brains) FINKwhiner.

Tim Higgins said...


What can you say except the that this soon-to-be former mayor's legacy is confirmed.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


That "soon-to-be former mayor" has a nice sound to it; kind of calming/soothing :-)

Roland Hansen said...

I had a nice long comment. It took a long time to formulate and to find just the right link for one of my references. However, it did not take when I submitted it. Right now, I feel very tired and I don't feel like starting all over again. Too bad. It would have raised some eyebrows.

Tim Higgins said...


That probably has to do with the subroutine that I normally run which keeps those commenting on my blog from putting up better stuff than I do.

I will attempt to remove it however, so that we can all get our eyebrows (and probably our intelligence) raised.

Roland Hansen said...