Monday, November 23, 2009

Glenn Beck & Communism

Those of you who listen to the Glenn Beck syndicated radio show or the FoxNews television show have no doubt noticed Mr. Beck's investigations of the political leaning of some of those advising our current president. 

Without going into the specifics of those accused or the proof uncovered by him of the principles espoused by these government officials and presidential friends , I must say that it has become a regular part of both shows. Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I freely admit to regularly listening to Glenn's radio program on 1370 WSPD here in Toledo. I am unable to get the television program however, as the level of cable that I choose to subscribe to does not carry the FoxNews cable station. I enjoy the program for its information, its entertainment, and its humor. 

It occurred to me however that some may in turn question Glenn's possible Communist ties. Shocking as it may seem, Glenn may have laid himself open to such an accusation based on the publication of his best seller from last year "The Christmas Sweater", which I myself wrote about in a column for the Toledo Free Press

Knowing that many pundits like to ignore the content of books by conservative authors in favor of demagoguery base on appearance, I fear that such a charge may have some basis in fact. After all, considering this piece of literature strictly on the size of the tome and the pigment of its cover, this work by Mr. Beck could be considered a: "Little Red Book". I'm just sayin ...


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Recently I've heard of Glenn being referred to as crazy and a Mad Man, but never a Commie.

But now that you mention it the book without the jacket does bear a remarkable resemblance to. . ., not that I have the other in my possession, but it does have the aforementioned similarities to that other, infamous book...


Roland Hansen said...

The conspiracy theorists, hate-mongers, fear-mongers, doomsday sayers, skinheads, and other groups are alive, well, and thriving.

It is absolutely amazing how those folks and others can latch unto something, take a broad brush and paint something red, as well as black, brown, or green, and make a rumor or untruth to be believable by the masses of gullibles.

Sort of in the similar mode that some people paint B.O. as a socialist and are able to influence others to believe it as factual truth.

Ah, the art of mind control, manipulation, and persuasive speech!

Tim Higgins said...


It only takes reading your comments to realize that I just might have created a monster (of nonsense). It will be interesting to see if this monster truly comes to life.

Considering that "Young Frankenstein" is one of my favorite movies, I kind of like that.