Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Originally formed as two battalions of Continental Marines on this date back in 1775, the United States Marine Corps has continuously and honorably served this country for the last 234 years. 

For those who would like to see some additional information on the "Leathernecks" (a name derived from the leather collar of their uniforms during the Revolutionary War period), you may refer to some previous postings that I have done on the subject of the Corp. 

They include one on the recently opened Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, VA. Another one on the original Marine Barracks (first used in 1801, and one of the few structures in Washington not damaged during the British occupation of Washington in the War of 1812) and the Evening Parade, which I was privileged to witness during a memorable trip with a group of WWII Marine veterans on a trip to that city last year. 

Of course no history of the Corp would be complete without the very special, and to me very personal story of "Lost Battalion", Company A of the 10th Amphibious Tractor Battalion (in which my father served during WWII).


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