Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogger Of The Year

A person who I am grateful to be able to call a friend, Maggie Thurber, was today awarded the American's For Prosperity (AFP) Blogger of the Year award. 

Maggie's efforts in so many areas are in fact worthy of such praise. She contributes to the Toledo Free Press as a columnist, hosts the "Eye on Toledo" radio show on 1370 WSPD here in Toledo, and writes for her own blog Thurber's Thoughts just to name a few. 

Maggie's work has been inspiration to many of us out here in our own efforts at blogging; and the friendship, help, and advice that she has given to me personally is something for which I will always be appreciative. 

Congratulations Maggie for your efforts, and to the AFP for their discerning judgment in choosing you for this award. You set the bar for many of us out here, and provide inspiration to a higher level of achievement. 


Maggie Thurber said...

your kinds words are much appreciated. Thank you!

Roland Hansen said...

Yes, indeed, Maggie. Your efforts are well deserved. Congratulations.

Now, where is that bar Tim mentioned? I could use a belt or two.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Besides posting congrats to Maggie on her Blog, I hear that you are also due some credit re: your recently being published in the Freep!

Congrats Tim, ya done guud too!


Roland Hansen said...

Hey HT,

When are you gonna get published by Toledo FP?

They've dun did MagT and they've dun did TimH; I think its now your HoodaT time.

Tim Higgins said...


It's obvious that in publishing my nonsense, Michael Miller has opened a Pandora's Box of nonsense. I cannot help but believe that the insight that either of you could provide with your wealth of experience in the area would be readily accepted as well.

Tim Higgins said...


Placing my accomplishment on the same level as Maggie's would be as flattering as it would be ridiculous. That being said, thanks. Any time a voice is given a wider audience is a good thing.