Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TFP Column: Titanic Proportions

I truly intended to get a mid-week posting up on time this week; but the more I worked on the effort, the more it became apparent that the effort fit more with the TFP than with JBS. (I will still do a mid-week effort, but it may be a day late ... or so.)

With that in mind, I turned this effort over to Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller (who's work on the upcoming Titanic event in fact instigated this week's column).  Michael, kind soul that he is and ever willing to attempt to save a drowning man a lifesaver (cherry, my favorite) agreed to publish "Titanic Proportions" on the website.  While the piece is not about my ongoing battle of the bulge, you might find it interesting as exercise in tying two things together that shouldn't normally find themselves in close proximity (you know, like steamships and icebergs).  

Since this is happening in the middle of the week, you will find it while reading the mid-week Star Edition on the website; but I'm sure that there will be even more promising efforts there as well in the weekend edition of that which remains the largest Sunday circulation newspaper in Toledo, and Ohio's Best Weekly Newspaper for the third year in a row, the Toledo Free Press.

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