Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TFP Column: Political Telemarketing

One of the few things more annoying than the endless political debates and even more endless coverage of the primaries is the seemingly endless polling that the candidates and incumbent use not only to guide their next public pronouncements, but eventually to govern.

In "Political Telemarketing", I've got a few things to say about the difficulty of the process of obtaining accurate information (or even getting people to answer the phone), about the twisted uses that such information is eventually put to, and about the monkey wrench that I, for one, would like to throw into the process.

It's still early in the week though, and there's like to be a great deal in both the mid-week Star edition and the regular weekend TFP that you'll need to catch up on.  My suggestion would be to make sure to set a little time aside for Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and best weekly newspaper for three straight years, the Toledo Free Press.

(For those who can't help but notice, yes I mangled the last paragraph rather badly.  I am working with Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller, and I hope to have it modified soon to something more closely resembling the English language.)

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