Thursday, February 2, 2012

Formatting Errors Under Repair

As it has in so many of its other efforts, Google has been updating the 'blogspot' platform that carries "Just Blowing Smoke".  Either through some mis-communication or an error on the part of yours truly (more likely the latter), many of my older postings are now devoid of paragraph breaks; and look like the longest run-on sentence in the English language.  

While I thought at first that this was limited to just a few posts, it appears to have run rampant through the almost five year history of this blog.

I am going to take it upon myself to go back and clean up each of the over 850 posts; but wish to apologize in advance if you go back looking for something and discover one of these efforts.  It may take a week or so, but I hope that in the very near future that the only thing that you will find to annoy you in these posts is the dismal writing, poor grammar, and worse punctuation contained in here.

Thanks for your patience ...

As of 2/3, the most recent 200 have been cleaned up; and efforts will continue as time allows.

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