Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TFP Column: Campaign 2012 - Open Mouth, Insert Foot

In continuing to watch this year's campaign for the Republican nomination for President, I have to say that I haven't seen this many verbal faux pas since the last time that I attempted to be a substitute host for 1370 WSPD's "Eye on Toledo".  Not being able to help noticing these little errors, I found myself putting together "Campaign 2012 - Open Mouth, Insert Foot". 

Of course I suppose such incidents are only natural in these days when not only are we living in a 24-hour a day news cycle, but when everybody with a cell phone can record the times that you have trouble getting a coherent word out around the leg appendage you find stuck in your pie hole.  For those of you overly concerned that this might reduce the number of candidates available for the highest office in the land or be a single party problem, of that this condition might be Republican Party related I include a few similar verbal miscues from our current commander-in-chief.

Fortunately, there is likely to be far more intelligent and erudite efforts to be found already in the TFP's midweek Star edition, and I'm sure that we will have even more as we get to the newspaper that's #1 in Sunday circulation in Toledo, as well as Ohio's Best Weekly paper, the Toledo Free Press. 

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