Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TFP Column: Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to overindulge (something that I normally reserve for the dinner table for this holiday).  In this case however, the overindulgence involved has nothing either to do with eating or drinking.  Instead, I have overindulged in a bit sarcasm and some truly over-the-top nonsense where the Thanksgiving holiday and its history are concerned.

I have to tell you that writing "Thanksgiving Is No Longer Acceptable" was a lot of fun, though I'm sure that someone will misinterpret my intentions, and the sarcasm key on my computer's keyboard will now requires significant repair, if not replacement. 

I hope that you get to take the time to enjoy my attempted slap in the face of political correctness and those who want to demonize every tradition remaining in this country.  I also hope that you get a chance to enjoy time with friends and family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Most of all, I hope you get a chance to enjoy all of the efforts put forth in Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Ohio's Best Weekly newspaper (for three years in a row no less), the Toledo Free Press.


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