Monday, November 7, 2011

TFP Column: Issue 2

 So many weighed in last weekend in the Toledo Free Press on Issue 2, the ballot initiative to keep SB5, and limit the bargaining ability of public sector workers; that I told editor-in-chief Michael Miller that I felt a bit left out.  His response was that if I felt moved to speak out, that by all means I should do so.  Never being one to pass up an opportunity to share my views with others (whether they want me to or not), I did as well.

The problem that I face in writing this is that I actually wrote two pieces over the weekend on Issue 2.  Not surprisingly, I both held to the same position on the Issue; that it's far past time that we broke the cycle of dependency by public sector unions and politicians in OhioOne however, after reading some of rather strongly worded rhetoric, takes a little bit lighter tone on the issue.

With elections on Tuesday however, before you step into that ballot booth, you might want to look over all of the efforts to voice an opinion in the Toledo Free Press.


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