Friday, December 25, 2009

TFP Column: Yes There Is A Santa Claus

The weekend is once again upon us, and perhaps because it's a Christmas weekend, it became necessary to take one last shot at a holiday parody. Hence my column for the week, "Yes There Is a Santa Claus"

Now before being accused of plagiarizing the 1897 letter to the editor at the New York Sun, let me say that I am merely updating the answer to Virginia's letter (in more ways than one). I hope that you find it suitable to the season. 

For those of you interested in local politics there are a couple of articles worthy of the time about the recent "Christmas Coup" in the Lucas County Republican Party. Tom Pounds and Michael Miller do their usual stellar opinion pieces, and there is also a rather interesting piece by WSPD's Brian Wilson in this week's editorial section. 

So my recommendation would be to go ahead and let the kids play with the new toys, while you put your feet up and catch up on what's going in the area with the Toledo Free Press.

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