Saturday, December 5, 2009

Exceptional Government

Few would argue that what this country needs more than anything these days is an exceptional government. For some of us, that may be the one wish that they have for their fellow citizens this Christmas. I would argue the case that in fact we already have one. Of course, in order to prove this, I would first need to define our terms for discussion (according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Exceptional: (def.) forming an exception Exception: (def) a case to which the rule does not apply 

Now, having defined the term, let's go on to prove the case based upon illustration or example (Understand that in these examples, I attempt neither to approve or disapprove of the policy outlined, merely use it as an illustration)

- The government of the United States is against wage controls, except through the use of the minimum wage requirement or when discussing the salaries of corporation managers that have taken bailout money as determined by the pay czar Kenneth Feinberg. 
- The government is against price controls, excepting where farm subsidies are used to prop up the prices of various agricultural products. 
- The government is against taxing the same money twice, except when taxing the interest earned on such money or when such money is bequeathed to others upon the demise of the original earner is concerned. 
- The government is against monopolies, except when it is the one granted for the delivery of mail to the post office. 
- The government is against subsidizing industry, except when it's Amtrak, General Motors, or Chrysler. 
- The government will not seek to control "legal" behavior, except when that behavior is eating fatty foods in NYC, buying a big screen TV in California, or smoking anywhere in this country. 
- The government will guarantee me the right to my property, except if I want to do something with it not provided for in zoning laws or unless the government wants to seize it for use under "eminent domain" for use by the government (or a well-connected developer)
- The government will guarantee me the right to a speedy trial, except if it has defined me as a terrorist, in which case I can rot in jail forever before I get any form of trial or tribunal. 

See, based on the evidence of our own history, there is no doubt left that the government most of us thought that we needed and that we have is exceptional. (What's that old saying about being careful what you wish for?)


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Maybe we should strive for a dictatorship then; one that can easily be overthrown...

I think that a dictator would play nicer knowing that there is always a big hooded dude with a very large and very sharp ax and c large chopping block close at hand.

Of course a smaller, duller, nicked up and rusty ax blade and a smaller hooded dude could also work too.

To an angered mob, three or four chops will work just as good as one would, and it would provide more entertainment.

Oh, and let's forget about the basket and let the heads roll (once they are finally severed)


Tim Higgins said...


We could just skip the middle process (often entertaining, but usually pretty messy), and go straight to anarchy.

It probably would not be much of an improvement in governing, but would achieve the satisfying result of putting large numbers of government bureaucrats out of work.

Ben said...

Did you see GM just opened up a plant in Canada? Good usage of our money. Again.