Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

I tried to avoid writing a post on Father's Day (much like last year). While I consider it a "Hallmark Holiday", it is still too sensitive a subject for me to attempt to deal with. 

My efforts in this damned near succeeded. Instead of actually writing anything new this weekend however, I am going to refer you to the Father's Day posting that I grudgingly did last year. As I went back over it this year, I discovered that I really had nothing further to say on the subject.

I will actually be spending a good part of the weekend with my son Sean in Columbus, where we will undoubtedly participate in our own unique version of the father / son experience, something that I always look forward to.

I should also note (just for the giggles) that Father's Day will be competing in downtown Columbus with Gay Pride Weekend, so it promises to be an interesting (and diverse) visit. 
Happy Father's Day


Roland Hansen said...

Thank you, Tim.

Along the same vein as last year, and recollecting my comment from back then, I read something in the Annie's Mailbox column just a couple days ago about which I had thought I might blog and of which adds a bit to that of which I was addressing last year.

Regardless, I think I'll reference that column here. Click on the following embedded link to read the first letter in that June 19, 2009 Annie's Mailbox® by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar.

That letter seems to reflect the current attitude of many of today's new parents. It just seems to me that some people think of having children as others think of adopting a pet. Parenthood is nothing to be taken lightly.

We all can make errors in our parenting; but, the totally irresponsible approach today of many who choose to have children without even attempting to bring those children into a holistic healthy family structure is thoughtless, selfish, and reprehensible. - Just my two-cents worth.

Have a great day with your son, Tim. And have a happy day, every day.

Tim Higgins said...


As usual, your two cents is worth far more. The thoughts and the link that you pass on to the rest of us are well worth condidering, and equally scary.

Kids don't come with manuals, and even if they did we probably wouldn't read them. If there is real love and caring there however, both the children and the parents usually manage to survive the process.

All the best to the Hansen family as well on this 2nd of the Hallmark Holidays.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


When in Columbus with your son, no need to join in that other celebration..., unless you feel the NEED to, which I sincerely doubt ;-)

Also no need to drag out your Tres Amigos garb, it could easily be misteaken as an "out of closet" moment of expression that could very easily be misunderstood. . .


Tim Higgins said...


Advice taken, and the Amigos costume stayed in the closet.

Winky Twinky said...

Happy Father's Day're one of the good ones!!

Roland Hansen said...

Let me make this crystal clear:

It is the costumes that remained in the closet, not the Amigos. And no, the Amigos did not come out of the closet either.

Please just forget that the word closet and Amigos was ever even mentioned together in the same sentence, paragraph, or this lifetime or any other lifetime.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tim Higgins said...

Somehow I knew that the last comment that I made was not going to go without response.

And as to your clearing up the confusion that I created Roland, you are absolutely correct.