Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two Birthdays

Once more I reach the time of year when there are many birthdays to celebrate in the Higgins clan. While there are birthdays aplenty in the earlier part of the year, it is as summer comes into full bloom that my children and siblings find these anniversaries of their birth beginning to occur. (This is something that I can only assume can be accounted for by long cold Midwestern winters, long before global warming reared it ugly head.) 

So June begins this period today with the birth of my oldest Sean Patrick, who gained his name from Sean Connery, an actor that his mother and I were rather fond of at the time (especially when you ignore the Bond movies) and the Patron saint of Ireland. He has fulfilled the promise of this name with a fine career and an admirable life. I will not embarrass him with a list of his accomplishments in the field of computers (which I don't really understand anyway), nor by heaping praise upon him; but I will simply say that no father has ever been more proud of his son, and I am happy to have a venue like this blog to be able to publicly say so. 

But two days hence there is reason to celebrate yet again in the family, as my younger sister Kathy becomes the same age as I am. How can this be you might ask, if she is your younger sister? The fact is that Kathy and I are "Irish Twins", siblings born but 10-1/2 months apart. One can only speculate as to the excitement that our parents felt when this given this announcement by the gynecologist during my mother's postpartum check up. Kathy and I grew up inseparable however, excepting of course when my mother was forced to separate us to at least temporarily prevent one of us from tormenting the other to the point of madness (perhaps that's how I got this way). Now a grandmother herself and visiting her 1st grandchild in Germany as this is posted, we remain very close

So I happily take this time away from the more mundane affairs of world in general and politics in particular to wish both of them a truly Happy Birthday. 


Roland Hansen said...

My regards to the birthday celebrants of the Higgins clan.

Winky Twinky said...

A Happy Birthday to all!!

Tim Higgins said...

Thank you well wishers, I am sure that it is appreciated.

kck_kat said...

Greetings from Heidelberg, Germany. Thanks for the posting and I also extend birthday greetings to my oldest nephew, Sean. And the birthday wishes go on and on. Happy 1st birthday to my granddaughter, Jordin Marie Ong, who turned one on the 10th, and to her Momma, my youngest child Cpl. (soon to be Sgt.) Chelsea Ong, who will celebrate her birthday on the 16th, after I have left to return to the States, unfortunately. One more to add to the list, our oldest brother George, who would have turned 58 on the 30th! June is a busy month! Can't wait for July when we are no longer the same age! This is always such a rough time of year! lol Love you!

Tim Higgins said...


How could two such important people slip through on this list. An ocean of serparation is no excuse and my profound apologies to these important ladies. (though I had a couple of days left to make it up to Chelsea)

A growing number of welcome clan additions and a failing memory on my part make keeping up on all of this next to impossible.

As to your last addition, I was setting that aside, as the memories seem to become more painful every year.

I will immediately update my electronic calendar to compensate for one of the few things increasing in my life ... senior moments.

chelsea ong said...

this is the first time i've read this thing uncle tim. i would say it looks pretty nice and that you're a fairly good writer... BUT YOU FORGOT IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! haha. anyways, miss you mucho. next time i come back to the states.. which will probably be like christmas or something, i'll let you know so hopefully you can be around too. you'll be amazed by how much me and the lil one look alike.. and really you should be scared because now you have two lil terrorizers. lol.