Friday, June 26, 2009

TFP Column: Founding Father's Day

Well the weekend is upon us once again, which means it's time for the Toledo Free Press. Likewise it's time for yet another "Just Blowing Smoke" column in this distinguished newspaper. This week's effort, Founding Father's Day, covers two of my pet peeves; Hallmark Holidays and the lack of respect shown the Founding Fathers.

As always, there is much, much more to the TFP than my paltry efforts. Caitland McGlade has a couple of interesting stories this week, one on the Point Place neighborhoods ongoing situation with FEMA, the Corp of Engineers, and the city's lack of maintenance for local levies, and another on the attack on local activist Robert Brundage. 

Christine Senack has a great piece on the ties of the Jamie Farr Golf Classic to local charities. The opinion columns, as usual, also have some interesting information to pass on. 

Dock Treece sees some positive signs to the economy, much to my relief. Publisher 

Tom Pounds talks about the All-American city competition recently completed in Tampa, FL. 

Tom Morrissey does a particularly interesting piece on Jon Stainbrook's unintentional efforts to create a 3rd party locally. 

And of course Editor in Chief Michael once again has an entertaining piece on his first family business to a Chuck E Cheese. (Oh man, do I remember those) With all this available both in print and online, how can you not spend a little time with the Toledo Free Press this weekend.

Just as a side note, I am currently working on that book on the care and feeding of peeves. Look for it in bookstores soon.


Roland Hansen said...

Gee, Tim, I guess I'm rather confused. I don't get a clear picture on your Hallmark Holidays sentiments; must be all that smoke blowing around. Of course, I just love (NOT) all those commercial holidays and the economic boost they create for our sorry a** economy. And I just love (NOT) all the idiots around July 4 that shoot off tons of explosives while seeing their hard earned money burn up in smoke jeopardizing the safety of everyone.
Incidentally, your TFP article is well written.
Happy Founding Fathers' Day to you, as well.

p.s. How's come there are no Founding Mothers?

Tim Higgins said...


We all know that the Founding Fathers were a bunch of old, rich, wig-wearing white guys; hence our ability to ignore their wisdom. Besides, there were no female signers of the Declaration or the Constitution (and more is the shame).

I however, would certainly put Betsy Ross in the list at the very least.