Friday, June 19, 2009

TFP Column: Creating A Police State

Yes it's Friday once again, and that means yet another effort penned for the Toledo Free Press. This week's column, "Creating a police state", deals with our city's most recent brush with national celebrity by the issuing of parking tickets by a person without a badge. I think that it might be a take on this that has not yet been put forward.

As usual, my small effort is one of many things that you are going to want to read this week. Michael Miller's piece on our 70 year-old Mayor attempting to break up a fight with more than two dozen young people involved is a tour de force effort. Tom Pounds effort on the recently resigned head of city council Mark Sobczak provides some needed perspective on the man and the job. Heather Miller presents a cautionary piece on the exposure that the Internet can provide (good and bad).

There is plenty to catch up on in the local Toledo scene this weekend as well, from the teen running for Toledo Mayor to the Father's Day events that will be going on this weekend. Saturday looks like a rainy one, a perfect opportunity to relax, catch up with everything going on in Toledo, and maybe even give Dad an extra hug (I am sure he will appreciate it).


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Nice piece Amigo ;-)

Face it, since Maggie is justifiably turning her focus towards friends and family, your voice is even more important to the faithful than ever.

Wear the mantle with pride my friend,

Tim Higgins said...

You set the bar far too high Amigo. I am the Village Idiot around here, not the wise councilor. I reserve that rank for other Amigos far more versed in the secrets this city hides and the ways to move the movers and shakers.

the only thing I wear with pride is my Amigo hat.