Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Bit About The Writing ,,,

Weekend postings are where I normally like to kick back a bit, focus on the less serious aspects of life, and let my fingers do the talking (doing so makes it easier for me to keep my foot out of my mouth). Even writing nonsense however, is something that requires effort (and heavy doses of spell check) to do well.  

The problem is that I take every writing effort seriously. This is not to say that I take myself seriously. I clearly understand that my opinion and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee in most convenience stores (I think it's still $5 at Starbucks, sorry). Some of the subjects that I touch on are deadly serious however, and I believe that my particular form of ADD allows me to connect what would normally be considered disparate things in a way that may not normally be found out there. 

I was thinking about this as I finish up the work on my next column for the Toledo Free Press. It is one of those pieces in which I attempt to stretch myself. It is an effort at a George F. Will / Dennis Miller type piece that manages to come out of my keyboard from time to time, and that attempts (in my own poor way) to create the type of word pictures that these two genius wordsmiths do on a consistent and regular basis. Its goal is to intrigue and inform, and to do so in a way that might force one to the website in the process. 

I do this not out of a sense of intellectual superiority (oh, far from it), but with a sense of humor at my own normal discomfort with the efforts of my writing heroes, and from a gut feeling that we all need to be challenged on a regular basis. If everything that we are exposed to comes easy for us, if every idea that we are exposed to can be absorbed like a sponge, we will become intellectually as well as physically lazy (and on that, I may be considered more than a bit of an expert). It is only when we set the bar a bit out of reach that we realize how much is within our grasp, only when we set ourselves a goal that even we are doubtful of reaching that we achieve something worthwhile. 

Likewise, it is only when we place this effort in our consciousness that discover that we are able of making the effort required and likewise what we are truly capable of achieving. In my own particular case, I believe that I am still learning as a person and growing as a writer, and that I have a long way to go. I am humbled by that challenge, but convinced that the goal is something attainable some day (though I may be very old indeed when it occurs)

Meanwhile, I hope that you enjoy and are entertained by the effort expended each week. It takes considerable time, good cigars, and often a fair amount of brain lubricant (CnH2n+1OH or alcohol for those unfamiliar with the chemistry) to produce the particular brand of nonsense that I call my own. And though I don't say it often enough, thanks for hanging out and humoring me in these efforts.



Judy said...

Ah my friend and fellow blogger, you are a masterful manager of words indeed! 'Tis I who thanks you!

Tim Higgins said...


High praise indeed, especially as it is undeserved.

Thanks for setting the bar even higher though (like the pressure wasn't high enough already.)


Roland Hansen said...

I think you should write and publish an anthology with the title of "The Jellybean Diet."
You see, the forward could include a statement that people could read the collection of writings while eating jelly beans. Other than that, there be no other connection to jelly beans whatsoever.

Tim Higgins said...


You may well have delivered a true pearl of wisdom here. If I ever get around to it, I will ask you to write the forward.

Winky Twinky said...

Will that book come with jelly beans attached??

Hooda Thunkit said...


Your work always holds my attention and provokes much thought; what more could one hope for?

You sir, are a gem/jewel just waiting to be discovered by the masses.

I grovel at your feet...


Tim Higgins said...


There's enough people in Toledo on their knees, we need clear thinkers like you on their feet, torch and pitchfork in hand.

Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed your wit and intelligence. I also enjoy your Blog every day. Mom

Tim Higgins said...

You know you are my favorite audience Mom, so praise is indeed welcome.

If however, you are angling for a better Mother's Day gift, you're too late.

Tim Higgins said...


I have taken time to responding to your comment about jellybeans being attached. (I take these things very seriously.)

After due consideration, the answer is yes ... and no. Yes there will be jellybeans attached, but no you will never find them, as I will have removed them for my provate stash before the books are shipped.

Winky Twinky said... you well should!!...jelly bean snatcher.... :-P

Seriously, though...your style of writing got my attention because you are articulate, well informed, and witty..not to mention RIGHT!! Keep on keepin on...