Friday, May 15, 2009

TFP Column - Paying heed to the President

Experiencing the "Luck of the Irish", my writing effort this week was once again included in the Toledo Free Press. This week's effort, Paying heed to the President, speaks about the Presidents radio address of May 9 and of the confusion that I experienced as a consequence.

As usual however, my effort is neither the only nor the best effort in this weekend's Toledo Free Press. Michael Miller does a wonderful piece on kites, children, and the maturity that both bring. There is a tremendous piece by Brandi Barhite on a rising local political movement growing out of the Tea Party Movement. Christine Senack does a great piece on the recent "Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive and on a recent Mom's House celebration. There was also an interesting piece by Maggie Dziubek for those hoping to see downtown become a viable living area.

So make sure you keep up with everything going on by reading this weekend's TFP. 


Roland Hansen said...

Gee, Tim, I am so envious of you.
You get to be a "professional" writer, while I remain a meer amateur.

And to think that back in the 1970s, I was the newsletter editor for my union, Local 544 A.F.S.C.M.E. and a member of the Ohio Labor Press Association.

I sure wish I could be known as a 'pro' if only based on an occasional writing basis!

You get to have all the fun and glory while I sit here and pine away.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

Tim Higgins said...

I love you Roland, but consider your remarks irony and sarcasm, most of which I probably deserve.

The only thing professional about my writing is the check that comes once a month. I have been very lucky with the TFP however, and their limited vision where I am concerned is my true Luck of the Irish.

As for association, like Groucho Marx, I would not wish to be a member of any club that would have me.

You are the most active "retired" person that I know, and the glory that you regularly receive is well-deserved.

As for growing up, let me know how that works out. :-D

Winky Twinky said...

That was a good article, Tim.... I'm just waiting for the "great B.O." to figure out that HE has put this country is more debt than any credit card company ever could... but then again, that would bring common sense into the equation... btw, WHEN has any other President spent SO DAMN MUCH TIME in front of the camera!!! He makes me sick.....literally...

Tim Higgins said...


You're right of course. We seem to be so caught up in how brilliant our preseident is that we're ignoring all of the dumb things that he's doing.