Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Longer Whining, but Wine(ing)

I have been whining for a couple of months now since my favorite local wine restaurant closed down, well no more. 

Now I do not normally use this blog site for promotion (except self-promotion of course), but such rules are defined by their exceptions, or in this case the exceptional. I was lucky enough the other night to enjoy the exceptional in a meal at a new dining establishment in Toledo, Encore by J. D. Wesley. 

Located at 5333 Monroe Street where Poco Piatti once was, Encore offers an outstanding lunch and dinner menu, but I would have expected that considering the chef involved. As a wine geek however, I was very impressed with the wine list. Not have they put a great start on an excellent cellar, but they are not afraid to put some outstanding wines out front by the glass (my personal favorite is the Cain Cuvee)

There are a number of good restaurants in Toledo, but few understand what the pairing of wine and food can do to the overall enjoyment of a meal, Encore does it well. Now revealing this secret will probably further hinder my chances of getting into what has quickly become my favorite local dining establishment when I want to, but I am willing to take the risk of even this in order to share my passion for great food and great wine with you. Enjoy ... 


Winky Twinky said...

Props to Encore! I'll have to give it a try.. although I don't do much wine-ing myself. I do, however, have some whining to do! I had WSPD on this afternoon for a while, and don'tcha know it...Toledo is nationally renowned once again thanks to Mayor Pantload and his unremarkably idiotic remarks about police and crime.. Once again, I'm proud to be a Toledoan....geez...

Tim Higgins said...


If the wine doesn't get you, the menu will.

As for our esteemed Mayor, I am beginning to believe that he and Young Ben are on the same page. There is no such thing as "bad" press. Even recognition like this seems to work for such as these, and as you say, we from Toledo have one more thing to be 'proud' of.

navyvet said...


Love jbs...

Wine is fine..but liquor is quicker.

Sadly for us, JDW brings back heartburn. Many moons ago, I helped a friend in need of financial advice....but I refused to be paid. The friends were former clients and altho they had the means...I just wanted to be of help.

They insisted that I take an envelope (with a $100.00 JDW gift certificate inside.)

Knowing of the quality of their meals, we decided to wait for a special occasion to use the gift.

When we decided to use it, we arrived and found out the restaurant was closed...with no contact info on the door.

Our friends live out of town...they never realized what happened. Thankfully.

I finally discarded the gift cert.

JDW? What I remember all too well were their desserts....which were so awesome that they were close to being "illegal." :)

We wish Encore well...but we will not partake....

Vodka anyone?

Anonymous said...


JDW had no ownership interest or managerial responsibilities at Rouge, surprised you didn't know that as most everyone else did. Rouge was a gem and sadly missed, both for the decor as well as the culinary expertise; however slight after JD left the scene and the establishment slowly bled-out.

As most nights I have chosen to treat my wife and friends at Encore have been standing room only, I have to say I am not saddened you choose not to partake, as it means not only our wait for a table may be that much shorter, but much more pleasurable to be sans the company of a dweller of the past rather than a reveler of the present.