Friday, May 29, 2009

TFP Column: Questions About A TARTA Sales Tax

Another Friday is here, and with it the latest edition of the Toledo Free Press. I once more pecked away at the keyboard this week, in an attempt to produce something worthy of the Infinite Monkey Theorem. I failed, but did at least manage to fire a first salvo in what I expect to be an escalating war over future funding of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority, better known as TARTA.

Politics is a strong theme in the TFP this weekend, with an interesting article about an interesting man, Ben Konop, in his bid for mayor of the fair city of Toledo. I have spoken about Mr. Konop a number of times, both here and in the TFP, but Brandi Barhite does an outstanding job of profiling the man and his politics. (The comparison to the cartoon character "Ben 10" on the front page is something that I found particularly amusing.) 

On a completely different note, Publisher Tom Pounds pays tribute to a true Toledo role model. Michael Miller on a more sober note, takes on a subject that all of us writing for publication on any level (and especially those of us writing for the Free Press) need to be aware of.

As usual, there is too much to list that is makes this weekend's TFP edition, so I won't even try. I will point out however, that the TFP has now passed the Toledo Blade for Sunday circulation, making it the city's largest publication on the weekend. Take some time to check out why.

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Winky Twinky said...

LOL @ Infinite Monkey Theorem... Being that it's Friday, it hurts my brain to have to think on a serious level right now, so I have no intelligent comments today... Although it was definitely another great article!! kudos