Friday, June 27, 2008

The "Stuck on Stupid" Toledo Dictionary #1

In consultation, and with the permission of Maggie Thurber of "Eye On Toledo" and Thurber's Thoughts fame, I am starting another feature in the variety of postings that will be offered here at Just Blowing Smoke. As you might have already gathered, it will be a dictionary of terms that though nominally part of the English language, seem to have an entirely different meaning here in Toledo, Ohio. In homage to Maggie's "Stuck on Stupid" postings and rants on WSPD, that title will be added to that of the Dictionary.

Additions to this dictionary will be added as "SOS Toledoisms" are discovered, and could be published (at least electronically) when enough entries have been added.

1. Anything that needs to be done immediately, since it would be undoubtedly be rejected upon calmer and more careful scrutiny.


Maggie Thurber said...

Ah, Tim...I love it!!!

But we should explain why 'emergency' gets this definition. It's because Toledo City Council likes to pass a LOT of ordinances through that body as 'emergencies' ...

It certainly gives context to non-Toledoans as to why this definition exists.

And I cannot wait for the next one to add to the SOS Dictionary...

Tim Higgins said...


You do not have to wait long, as Business Friendly (of your frequent posts) likewise enters the SOS lexicon, as does TARTA.