Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reasoned Discussion = George Will

Tonight I was lucky enough while channel surfing to catch an interview that Charlie Rose did on Public Television (WGTE) with George Will. All I can say is WOW! Now you should understand up front that I have been a fan of Mr. Will for a number of years, and watch the ABC Sunday show only to hear him match wits with his colleagues and discuss the issues of the day. Having him one-on-one with Charlie Rose however, was a special treat for me.

For those of you looking with some dismay, some confusion, and some trepidation at the world around us; let me tell you that George Will may be one of the clearest thinkers that we have today. Oh there are and have been others, Walter Williams is one, the late William F. Buckley was another. Like these other gentlemen, George Will manages to hit the big three in my book:

1. He is a clear thinker with a rare understanding of the world. He is a man firmly rooted in American principles and with an abiding love and respect for the Constitution.

2. He is an excellent writer in a day when the written word is often taken for granted. His writing challenges his readers to follow his train of thought, and his ability to turn a phrase is second to none.

3. He is a good verbal communicator. Many who have either, or even both of the qualities listed above are not able to communicate them effectively verbally. Mr. Will not only does that, but usually carries the day in debate with those of contrary opinion. He does this not by raised volume or rude interruption, but simply by presenting opinion backed with factual data and historic reference.

He spoke tonight, defining his job as "Reasoned Discussion". It is a job that he does very well. For those of you with limited exposure to his wit and wisdom, there are a number of books that Mr. Will has written. Simpler still is accessing the columns he writes for the Washington Post.

I highly recommend dipping heavily into this deep well of knowledge.


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