Friday, January 11, 2013

TFP column: You Have to Try

After taking some required time off to rest and recover after Holiday duties, I am once more entering the fray.  It was interesting in "You Just Have to Try" for the TFP to compare what looks to some pointless trench warfare that's about to begin in Congress with the Debt Ceiling and Budget Battle ahead in 2013 with the fiscal battles that Toledo faces as well in its annual budget with the addition of Shaun Enright to replace Phil Copeland (whose leaving for his new job in the County Recorder's Office).  

I fully expect that we'll see little in the coming from the 'No Man's Land' of Washington DC; with few paying more than lip service to finding common ground, and even less proposing real cuts to budget more bloated than a bloated whale on a Malibu beach.  

With yet another in Toledo's City Council representing 'union interests' in this local legislature (something which I wish I could say was severely under-represented without lying).  I believe that here too we can expect an abundance of SSDD, with some creative fiction holding the 'balanced' budget together long enough to raid the Capital Improvement Budget to actually balance it.  (And if anyone should know about 'unbalanced', it's me.)  

On the other hand, everything in this weekends edition promises to be far more balanced, with the exception of the scale that Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller is using.  Michael's weight may be the only thing on the planet going down faster than the national debt is going up.

So my advice would be to spend a bit of the weekend maintaining your own balance by some time with Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and and Ohio's Best Weekly newspaper for the last four years, the Toledo Free Press.  

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