Thursday, January 17, 2013

TFP Column: There Ought to be a Law

A good crisis shouldn't go to waste, so it was of little surprise that the White House used the opportunity to put forth an attempt at Gun Control.  As voices around the nation cry out that "There Ought to be a Law", few have bothered to discover that there are already some 20,000 laws on the books regarding guns that didn't manage to prevent Sandy Hook.  Fewer still have read the Department of Justice report that ten years of a Assault Weapons Ban had no impact on the number of the 'multiple murders' committed, that most of the murders committed were with hand guns, or that many of the cities with the most restrictive gun laws have the highest murder rates with guns.  (I know, these are just silly little details that don't go with the predominant narrative.)

Fortunately, there will be far more and far more cheerful narrative in this weekend's TFP.  There will likewise be plenty of pesky little facts and some narrative from both sides of the aisle that you might not only find factual, but interesting as well.

The again, what would you expect from Toledo's largest circulation Sunday and Ohio's best newspaper for the last four years ... The Toledo Free Press.


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