Friday, January 25, 2013

TFP Column: Hilary Hearing

I exchanged a few words with TFP Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller this week about some things that I was working on, specifically about an effort that was coming together on cheap political theater of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's testimony before the House and Senate committees.  Michael gave me just enough incentive to follow through on the effort that I was working on (he didn't refuse to use it).

While I was willing to take on what should be considered to be "the most disappointing debut since Star Wars Episode I" in a couple of different ways in a misguided attempt to make it marginally more informative than the weekly farm report, the effort left me with so little creative energy left that I could even come up with a clever title to go with it.  As a result, what you will get on the TFP website this week remained the "Hilary Hearing".   (Sorry about that....)

Fortunately, those of you who take the time to follow a few of the other efforts in this weekend's edition will find not only more interesting titles and stories, you will also find out what's going on in the Glass City these days.  There's cold and snow forecast for those of you in Northwest Ohio anyway, so why not curl up in front of a fire with Toledo's largest Sunday circulation (and Ohio's best weekly) newspaper, the Toledo Free Press.


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