Friday, December 2, 2011

TFP Column: Economic Holiday Fat

Stepping up on the bathroom scale and listening to Toledo's Administration and City Council begin talking about the city's budget are both things which are becoming increasingly difficult to do.  

As I point out in this week's effort for the TFP, "Economic Holiday Fat", both appear to be subjects filled with temptation, self-delusion as to the facts, and the perpetration unhealthy practices.  While I however, am only playing Russian roulette with my own future health and well-being by recent lack of rectitude, they are gambling with that of a large number of people who have placed them in a position of trust and responsibility.

It's not bragging to say that I am far more sure of my own ability to get out of control consumption under control than I am of those in charge of the Glass City, based on their prior track record.  

But there's also good news to be had as this holiday season kicks into full swing, much of which you will never know about unless you read this weekend's edition of Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and for the third year in a row, Best Weekly newspaper, the Toledo Free Press.


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