Thursday, May 5, 2011

TFP Column: Treating The Symptoms

Bad government is like bad medicine. It can not only be time consuming and annoying to deal with, but can ultimately be life-threatening. These were the thoughts running through my mind (and encountering little in the way of obstacles or resistance), as I sat down and penned this week's effort for the Toledo Free Press. 

The result, "Treating the Symptoms" is not a bad little effort; though I must apologize in advance for some of the typos and grammar errors. It appears that attempting to do my best writing when exhausted by a long day of work and continued unpacking, and editing that's performed before the sun comes up the following morning, is not the proper way to prepare an effort worthy of the TFP. 

I promise to make a greater effort in the future to eliminate such errors, leaving only those of perception and opinion in my work. As I write this post, I have not yet had the chance to go through this weekend's edition myself, but feel sure that with all that's going on in the Glass City that it will be one well worth reading. I hope that each of you will find the time this Mother's Day weekend to catch up on everything worth knowing in NW Ohio by spending some time with your mom and Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper, the Toledo Free Press.

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