Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Hiatus

To the potential disappointment of a few and the probable relief of many, "Just Blowing Smoke" will be going on Hiatus in May. There are a couple of reasons for this of a personal nature, and they include a relocation from my current home in Toledo, OH to a place that I called home once before in Kansas City. 

As anyone who knows me well can tell you however, there is little chance that I will be able to remain silent for long; and I will no doubt be blowing smoke again as summer progresses. I will not try to bore you with my feelings on the subject of leaving the Glass City, as I have bored you with far too many others already (and getting sloppy just isn't my style). I will say however, that while I am happy to be reuniting with a members of my family in KC, I know that I will remember Toledo fondly. 

For with all of the challenges that it faces as a city, there are some remarkable people here more than prepared to face them. There are also a number them who mean more than a little to me, and that I know I will truly miss each and every one of them. Toledo has also been a lucky city for me in many ways, providing me with opportunities to meet people and do things that might never have come my way otherwise. I will be eternally grateful for them, to the people who provided them, and for the time spent here. 

So as yet another episode in my life draws to a close (and hopefully some of the current drama with it) and the next begins, let me say good luck to all of us, until we meet again ...



Judy said...

Until we meet again my friend, I will wish you well on your journey and hope that one day our path will cross again, blowing smoke in the wind.

Roland Hansen said...

Amigo Tim,
Enjoy. Kansas City is a nice place to be, especially in that you have family there. Now then, the internet will allow us to remain in touch, but a personal visit to you in Kansas City from Judy and I is not out of the question. So, if you ever want a personal face-to-face diversion from an amigo, just give me a holler.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Amigo Tim,

This is indeed truly sad news for me, but I can see it as good news for you personally.

Via con Dios my friend..., you will certainly be missed around these parts :-(

James said...

You're so fortunate to leave a city that is sinking toward oblivion every day.

Tim Higgins said...

Mi Amigos (& Amiga),

I will never be able to adequately thank you for your friendship and support, so I will not try. I will simply carry it with me, in the hopes that we will meet again soon.