Friday, April 2, 2010

TFP Column: Tea Parties & Projected Violence

After consulting with editor-in-chief Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press, I am happy to say that a piece that I originally posted on this blog yesterday is now in fact in print in the TFP. 

Such confusion is perhaps natural with the amount of material that I regularly pester Michael with. So for those of you not quick enough to read yesterday's post before I pulled it, let me recommend you to this week's columnIt makes an interesting counterpoint to fellow contributor Don Burnard's piece "Lunatic Fringe"

This weekend, which is part of the celebrations of both Easter and Passover, promises to be a wonderful one weather-wise in Toledo. As for me, you will probably find me somewhere in the sun, enjoying a fine cigar and catching up on all that is Toledo in the Toledo Free Press.


mrossol said...

Good piece in the TFP. I have found that most people, most, can be calmed down if they take the time to layout all the FACTS and put things in perspective. You did a nice job of it, and the facts do not surprise me.

T Menacher said...

An old friend of mine had five uncles on the Chicago police force in 1968. All of them, even the ones who were off duty, were excited about putting on their uniforms and going downtown to "bust some hippies' heads." I don't remember Chicago as a liberal-conservative dispute within the Democratic party. I remember it as when a bunch of hate-filled old men turned on the people who challenged their sense of propriety and good order. The resulting riot can certainly be attributed to conservatism (although "conservative thinking" was probably in short supply).