Thursday, April 15, 2010

Global Warming Likely To Take Another Hit

As if those touting the imminent dangers of global warming have not taken enough of a beating recently with the e-mail scandal and the revelation that many of the sensors used to gather information for study were improperly placed, the very planet now seems to be conspiring against them as well. 

The ash cloud from a volcanic activity which began on March 20th in Iceland, and as shown in recent NASA photos posted in has increased and is now wreaking havoc with visibility in the UK, canceling hundreds of flights there and across western Europe. These ash clouds, which spread quickly when they reach the upper atmosphere, are also known to reflect back a good bit of the sun's energy, causing cooling temperatures across the vast areas of the planet that they eventually cover. 

Have no fear however, there will undoubtedly be climate change scientists that will blame the Icelandic activity on the very global warming that will be reduced by its occurrence.

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