Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "Stuck On Stupid" Toledo Dictionary #16

It is once again time to enter yet another term to the SOS "Stuck on Stupid" Dictionary. For those of you unfamiliar with this little example of the lexicographer's art, this tome is a collection of words and terms ostensibly a normal part of the English language which have a special meaning to those of here on the southwest shores of Lake Erie.

  Unlike many of our examples, today's in fact comes from the work of the Lucas County Commissioners:

Living Wage:  

1. An hourly rate of pay for work about to be mandated by Lucas County for all businesses doing work with or for the County, which is higher than that of the wages of most of the taxpayers who will ultimately pay for it. 
 2. A feel good county government pay restriction which helps neither the employee who receives it, the employer who must pay it, nor the County that must ultimately foot the bill for it. 
 3. An hourly rate of pay, as defined by the County, that will provide between $24,252 and $28,413 per year in annual income; a wage which will not be capable of providing a living for a resident in the county when the taxes that will be demanded of them by both the city of Toledo and Lucas County to pay for it are taken into account.


Maggie Thurber said...


Excellent addition!

Judy said...

Tim, you have outdone yourself on this one!

Tim Higgins said...

While I would like to take credit for the compliments ladies, it takes a government and politicians to come up with this stuff. As a good lexicographer, I simply record the meanings for posterior, I mean posterity.

Thank you both none the less.

Dawn said...

Ya know..... the idiocy just boggles the sain thinking mind... thank you for saying it so well.....