Friday, February 13, 2009

Off To Foreign Lands Once More

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am off once again to foreign lands and will be out of the country next week in performance of the assigned duties that earn me a steady paycheck (I know, I too am often amazed that someone is willing to pay me to do anything). Have no fear my friends, for my intention is to continue to produce my normal level of nonsense while working at my assignment in Bogota, Columbia. (I simply have to take the exchange rate into consideration to do so.) In fact, I promise that if there is anything of special interest that occurs there during my travels, I will be sure to do special updates for you.

While the people at the newspaper there treat me very well indeed, they (and my employers) expect to get their money's worth from me in the form of hard work and long hours. Long hours as well, are involved in just getting there, with 12 hours of travel expected in both directions. I therefore ask that you grant me a small excuse for what may be the disjointed, mis-typed, and probably rambling postings that may come out during the upcoming week (and before you ask, no I have no excuse for those you have been getting from me for the last two years).

I also ask that you do what you can to keep Congress from screwing up the country while I am gone, or at least to limit the pace destruction to one no greater than they are operating on this week (which leaves it pretty wide open, if I do say so myself).


Roland Hansen said...

Be safe!

Tim Higgins said...


Just what I need, more pressure.


Ben said...

We wont have a chance to prevent Congress from doing more damage until at least 2010, unfournately.