Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The "Stuck on Stupid" Toledo Dictionary #6

Here are a couple of new entries for the SOS "Stuck on Stupid" Toledo Dictionary. There are a fair number of new entries and while I am including them today, I must note that they are currently being reviewed by the SOS Dictionary editorial board, and are therefore subject to minor change.

Animal Abuse

1. The behavior of providing a pet to the Mayor of Toledo, Carlton S Finkbeiner.


1. Rules and regulations either included in the City Charter, the Ohio Revised Code, or passed by City Council and signed by the Mayor which apply to the citizens of Toledo, Ohio; but not to the elected officials.

Erie Street Market

(See White Elephant)

1. A Black Hole (stellar gravity well) in downtown Toledo which not only seems to suck taxpayer dollars into its event horizon, but likewise seems to have the ability defy or bend the laws of the City Charter and the Ohio Revised Code around itself.
(contrary to current popular belief, this facility is not the illegitimate child of the Mayor of Toledo, Carlton S. Finkbeiner)

White Elephant

(See Erie Street Market)

1. Something so large that it is impossible to ignore, so useless that no one knows why it's there, and so expensive to keep that it defies logic as to why anyone would want to do so.


Maggie Thurber said...

Great additions!!!!

Hooda Thunkit said...


"(contrary to current popular belief, this facility is not the illegitimate child of the Mayor of Toledo, Carlton S. Finkbeiner)"

True enough, the city has owned and used this building for DECADES.

However..., since being morphed into the ESM by czarty, is has become the bastard child of him and him alone.

At least, when it housed several city departments, it had value.

Now? Not so much.

And you are quite correct on its gravitational affect on the wallets of the taxpayers; especially with that drunken sailor of as mayor on shore leave, on the loose and lookin to get his jollies off at our expense...

Tim Higgins said...


Being a fairly recent transplant, I am mostly unaware of the history. I merely chose to speak to the geneology of the facility (and it has denied the parental relationship).

Roland Hansen said...

Oy, could I ever give some history!!!
If you folks think some of the current politicos think they are above the law, just thank your lucky stars that Sandy Isenberg is no longer in the public arena -- at least not openly in the public spotlight.
I go back several decades in this game.

Roland Hansen said...

By several decades I mean about four decades and then I had "connected friends" back then (late 60s, 70s, and 80s) that had provided me 'inside' information that went all the way back to the early 1950s.
True. No BS here.