Friday, August 29, 2008

The "Stuck On Stupid" Toledo Dictionary #7

It has been a while since any words have been added to the "Stuck On Stupid" Dictionary of words and expressions in Toledo, Ohio, but this is merely the fault of your humble writer. There has been plenty going on, and there are in fact a few entries which need to be added. Here they are:  


1. What other city administrators should take when one of the Mayor's schemes blows up in his face.  

Legal Fees:  

1. Something that in the city of Toledo are growing exponentially and which are fast becoming one the largest components of its operating budget.  


1. Someone convicted previously of committing a grave crime and therefore considered to be of undesirable reputation. 
2. Someone considered of suitable reputation to handle major city contracts and run high profile events in city owned properties.  

Convenience Store:

1. A small market that is held to be convenient for everyone but the owner.  
2. A Hotbed of crime in the city of Toledo that must be unconstitutionally regulated into either statute violation or bankruptcy.



Maggie Thurber said...

I can see this as one of those little pocket books they sell next to the checkout counter in bookstores.

Too bad others would think the definitions funny - where here, they're fact...

Tim Higgins said...


Somehow the thought of anything that I wrote being sold for real money seems more far-fetched than the Fairy Tales that I pen, though maybe combining the two ...


Hooda Thunkit said...

Again another post that I can't disagree with...

You're on a streak Tim :-)

Tim Higgins said...


All I know is that the dictionary is start to fill up ...