Friday, November 8, 2013

The "Stuck On Stupid" Dictionary #42

The lazy hazy days of summer here in the Midwest are now past and the beautiful fall colors seem to have created a distraction to the lazy lexicographers of the 'Stuck on Stupid' Dictionary.   Either that, or a misguided belief that the recent 'Tin Man' surgery performed on a member of the senior staff left some of these ne'er do wells to believe they could get away with something.  Have no fear however.  We have been promised that order will be swiftly be reestablished with the the swift recovery of our convalescing "Just Blowing Smoke" Disciplinarian.

Regardless of the petty problems associated with the literary production here however, it seem that there many of you reading this who have somehow managed to miss previous postings on this subject (shame on you, now go back and search all of the postings under the label of  'Dictionary').  For those of you thus unfamiliar, the SOS dictionary is a reference guide to terms which nominally mean something to the rest of the English speaking world, but appears to mean something entirely different when looked at through the jaded eyes and rose colored glasses of the SOS dictionary staff.

Political Apology:

1. An acknowledgment of guilt which blames not the politician who creates a situation through their action or inaction, but instead the citizen whose only fault is a failure to understand the consequences of that politician's most recent effort.

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