Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Blog Site: Vote of Confidence

To the disappointment of some and the immense relief of others, there will be no weekend rant today in "Just Blowing Smoke".

In lieu of my attempts at a more humorous tone on the weekend (which have been known to fail on a Biblical scale), I am offering instead, a link to an entirely new blog site.  This site will become the home to a writing effort that began for me just over six years ago, as I decided that there was a book inside my head that needed to come out (if for no other reason than that there's far too much clutter up there as it is).  Understanding lately that in today's publishing environment it's unlikely to ever see the light of day, I have decided to post it to a site specifically for that purpose; and to do so in a serialized fashion that was once popular in the science-fiction magazines that I read as a kid, as I go through the arduous process of re-writing and editing it once more.

The title of this effort is "Vote of Confidence" and while I have often been asked what it's about, even I who wrote it hardly know how to describe it.  The best that I can come up with is below the title, stating that it's "A twisted tale of Life, Politics, and what some might consider cruelty to animals..." (though in fairness, no animals were actually injured during the writing of this book).  There's little danger of giving away the plot, since there's little in the way of one to give away. 

I will be posting new chapters as the work on them is completed, and will post links to those efforts both here and on Facebook. I have high hopes that the years of effort that I've been making to improve my writing ability through the writing this blog and the pieces that have been very kindly deemed worthy by the Toledo Free Press will have led to a considerable improvement of this revised version over the original.  I likewise hope that those choosing to make the effort to read it will find the experience of doing so as enjoyable as that I have had in writing it.


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