Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Founding Principles Under Threat

Being a Constitutional Conservative, I am always looking for signs of a return to the principles of the Founding Fathers. While I recognize that they were a bunch of "old white guys" who were for the most part flawed personally, and holding divergent opinions on a number of fundamental principles; they were never the less able to come together at a critical time in this country's history. They were able to create a cohesive document of Founding principles, fight a successful war against the greatest empire in the world at the time, and create a form of government that had never been seen before in the history of Man. 

Perhaps this last was the most impressive, not because that form of government has survived for over two hundred years, when few Monarchies and empires of the past have surpassed that number. No, the more impressive fact is that after passing the Articles of Confederation, they were both smart and humble enough to recognize that their first attempt at constructing a form of government was doomed to eventual failure and were able to restructure those original principles into a much more cohesive and successful document to both define and limit their form of governing, the Constitution. 

 Not since the battles of Lexington and Concord have those principles been under such assault. Not since the heady days of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, or of the overbearing nature of the FDR dynasty (Presidency just isn't a strong enough term for that misguided period of American history), has that form of government been so close to failing in its support of those founding principles. 

The national government in the last year (and I include Bush II in this), has or is attempting to:
  • Turn over massive government funding and influence to a combined community organizing group and union, ACORN / SEIU
  • Nationalize the better part of the US auto industry
  • All but nationalized mortgage, mortgage insurance, and student loan industries
  • Is attempting to control take control of the banking industry
  • Is attempting to set salary levels at private corporations
  • Is attempting to take control of health care insurance and health care dispersal
  • Is considering subsidization of the newspaper industry, something which must inevitably signal the death of the free press in this country
And when, in the spirit of those Founding Fathers, citizens take up the right to speak out against these usurpations, what is the response of that government:
  • Demonize those assembling in Tea Parties as disaffected, racist, or corporate puppets
  • Refuse to investigate the ACORN/SEIU organization apparently guilty of a variety of offenses and seek instead to investigate two private individuals uncovered the nefarious deeds of this group (though they likewise sought to remove funding from this group)
  • Attack companies such as Humana Healthcare, whose very existence may be threatened by government pursuits, with investigation, fines, and sanctions if they do not stop disseminating the facts regarding the government's attempts.
  • Saturate the airwaves with non-stop government directed speeches in justification of such abuses
While I am encouraged by the grassroots efforts attempting to assert those Founding principles and do battle with this overwhelming government encroachment, I remain concerned with the increasing efforts of that government to exceed the limits placed on it by the Constitution. I am likewise alarmed by the apparent lack of regard by that government to the limits so placed upon it. 

Our founding principles are under the largest threat that they have been since being codified in the Declaration of Independence. Whether they, and the society that we are a part of survives may be up to the actions of individual citizens in opposition to that attack. 


Roland Hansen said...

You write about much to think about -- that is, for those few remaining people in this world (especially the USA) people who still execise their brains

Tim Higgins said...


We both know that exercise (except that which creates those washboard abs) is an anathema in this country.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


I have been exercising my second amendment rights by practicing regularly so that I may be ready when it becomes necessary to stand up to our elected leaders and force them to do what's right and carry out our wishes and not theirs.

It seems to me that talking no longer works, so our only viable option is demonstrative confrontation and forceful but civil discourse.

Failing that is the removal of our present representation in favor of more understanding and attentive representatives who will fully understand and abide by the Constitution as written...

After all, the second amendment was written to give us some protection from the government and from our own military, should either turn against us. . .