Sunday, September 27, 2009

Foolish Pride

I found myself thinking on this subject throughout the weekend for some unaccountable reason. I shouldn't be all that surprised that my thoughts are able to turn to such, as Pride (about what I have yet to discover) is something that I am guilty of on a fairly regular basis. As for being foolish, well let's just say that this is more of a way of life for me, with examples far too heinous and numerous to mention in such a public forum as this. 

Perhaps such thoughts come from much of what is going on around me however. And while I should probably follow the old wise saying that "when you're up to neck in natural fertilizer (my term), you shouldn't open your mouth", I cannot help but shine a light on some of it. 

The Federal government insists on pursuing a path of health care reform legislation regardless of the the fact that the majority of voters favor waiting. Is it then foolish pride that finds them rushing through this process, in spite of the fact that the legislation currently under consideration would not take effect for three years? We likewise find this same government considering new taxes and regulation on energy production and usage at a time in the economy when we need to be doing as little as possible to stand in the way of that national economy improving. Is it foolish pride that such an agenda is being put forward to solve a problem that may not exist and that if passed will have little impact on the situation that it proposes to address? 

Here in Ohio we are considering additional taxes to make up for revenue shortfalls caused by a sagging economy. Governments always seem to want to consider adding to taxes even when there is a great deal that could be considered in the way cost reductions. Is it foolish pride to do so knowing that it will both chase away anyone forced to pay these new taxes and keep those who might otherwise wish to come to the state from doing so? 

Our leaders make many of the same mistakes here in Toledo for the same reasons. The city spends money that it doesn't have on things it doesn't need (As my friend Jim Harpen pointed out in his TFP column this weekend. Can you say new trash trucks?) while seemingly ignoring its immediate budget problems and setting aside the even larger future issues of revenue vs. spending. Is it then foolish pride to continue to do so, or to expect to be re-elected once having done so? 

I suspect that in each case (including my own unfortunately) the answer is yes. For we find over and over again what Benjamin Franklin once told us: "Experience is a dear teacher, but fools will learn at no other." Perhaps however, we should try to learn just a bit more quickly and from a far older source. For isn't it the Bible in Proverbs 16:18 that tells us: "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall."



Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


When it comes to our elected officials (and their prolific, natural byproduct) just plant them in a life size jar and let the problem take care of itself.


Yes, but it still gives me a tingly feel, up my leg, just thinking about it...

Roland Hansen said...

As always, I truly enjoy reading your perspective.
I appreciate a mind that actually functions. I am surprised, however, that it is connected to you (jk - just kidding).

Tim Higgins said...


The jars are filling well past the point of overflowing these days.

Tim Higgins said...


Have no fear of your perspective on my mind. The connection of the part that you speak of is tenuous at best and seems to require the proper cable and a USB port these days.

Perhaps the problem is the lack of an up to date anti-virus program.