Monday, July 13, 2009

The Failure of Government

The failures of government are inevitably the failures of men. Pride, vanity, and the wrongful seeking of power in those acquiring and holding office are more often than not the cause of the demise of the very governments which give them their high office. 

This is not to say that all seeking such office do so out of vanity or pride, but more to say that even the finest of wines will turn to vinegar if exposed to too much air. In order to comprehend this, it is first necessary to understand that government is something which must be tolerated rather than lauded. Much like the cleaning of sewers, the collecting of trash, or the removal of pests, they should be looked at as that which is necessary to a way of life; but something which should likewise go all but unnoticed. 

Our Founding Fathers understood this, having but recently been part of an oppressive monarchy. We, so far removed from such concerns, have unfortunately forgotten the tyranny that such abuse of power brings. 

Unfortunately, we are now far too much of a society devoted to the worship of celebrity. Our politicians, caught in the trap of accepting and holding power have taken what was to be government service and changed it into self-aggrandizement and personal power. All things: money, power, change, and progress must be seen to come from them. All happiness, fulfillment, and even survival must be seen to come from those no greater than ourselves; but yet held in high esteem not because of who they are, but what they convince us they provide. 

I fear that the path that we have turned to may have no hope of turning. I fear like many before me, that we have become little more than Sheeple, led by an all but absent Shepard. For in truth, those who hold office are so caught up in keeping their jobs, that they have forgotten what they were supposed to be doing in them. 

For myself, I have and will resist them as best as I am able and as long as I can; but like many who would do so, I am but a flawed vessel whose words may easily be taken for granted and forgotten. I pray however, that though the source may indeed be less than perfect, that the word will never the less carry some meaning.  Perhaps however, there are yet some still who, being of better character and stronger will, can yet take up the challenge and prevail. I hope at least that such is the case, for it may be all that saves us. 

So I ask you to look not on the promises and rhetoric of those seeking personal power and reward, but instead to the voices of those seeking instead to reduce its effect. Listen not to those who would seek to enslave through greater control, but to those who would challenge each of us through greater freedom. 

If I were to have one wish for us all, it would be that we find the strength to take up such a challenge and likewise find the faith in something truly worthy in order to go forward. 


Winky Twinky said...

Very well said, Tim... I get too emotional about the things that are happening these days, which makes it difficult for me to articulate properly about it. Thank you for standing in the stead for those of us like me...

kck_kat said...

Having run with a political crowd for years, and having been asked to run (which I declined) for state representative, I too am disillusioned with the entire process, and most of the people who take part in it. Even the people who go into it with the best intentions are turned so quickly to the dark side! I keep hoping and praying that someone will step up, especially on the national scene, and be our "Mr. Smith", but I fear Mr. Smith is dead and gone, and all we have left is Darth Vader of Golum! Sad! Very Sad!

kck_kat said...

Oooops! I mean "and Golum"!

susana said...

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