Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flying the Flag

This one wil make your head explode... It appears that an Air Force veteran on a Campus of the University of New Mexico, Peter Lynch, was arrested in Albuquerque for cutting down a Mexican flag flying above that University. For the whole story, check out the following link: Las Cruces Sun-News - LULAC wants inquiry into Mexican flag incident (6:28 a.m.)

The number of amazing things here is almost mind boggling, but let me try to put it in a nutshell (something which I am eminently qualified to do).  

- Why were we putting up a flag to celebrate Mexican Independence Day? I know that this was done in "New Mexico" and that there is a large Hispanic community in this area, but is this really appropriate?

- How could any veteran be expected to see the Mexican flag, and only the Mexican flag, fly over the campus?

- Why was the university and the local ROTC so disorganized in staging this event and failing to do anything when the student complained?  

- Why should I care what el Centro de la Raza says about this veteran using racial slurs? Branches of this group use hate speak about this country constantly. (By the way, Mr. Lynch's attorney denies his client's use of racial slurs)  

This guy is now charged with a misdemeanor count of criminal property damage, and could face up to six months in jail and a $5,000.00 fine. This will be a jury trial. What do you think the odds are that he will be convicted? There was also an incident in Reno, NV where a Mexican flag was flown over the US flag at a convenience store. This one is pretty straight forward, since it is a violation of Section 7, Title 4 of the US Code. Check out this link for the whole story  

I believe in being sensitive to the needs and desires of other people, and of other cultures. In a time of war however, I have to wonder about our priorities. Our first should be to the people serving our country, our second to the veterans who have served this country, and our third to the sensitivities of their families. Everyone else barely makes the list.

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