Thursday, December 5, 2013

TFP Column: Christmas List Haunted By Christmas Past

Doing an annual Christmas List has been a tradition almost since the beginning of "Just Blowing Smoke".  Moving that effort over to the more widely exposed of the TFP was a simple decision (and no cracks about my desires to be more widely exposed).  Last year's effort in fact saw me get a "Don Lee" cover.  (Which they reprinted again this year as part of the article; and which I am still rather proud of, as you might guess):

When I discussed repeating the effort as best I could this year however, no one was more surprised than I that Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller agreed not only to accept the offer, but to put it in the print edition.  In fact he gave me a bit more space than I normally receive (again, no cracks about the amount of space I require these days, please) in order to take on the rather prodigious list of political miscreants involved. 

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I hope that you will not only read "Christmas List Haunted By Christmas Past", but look forgive any naughtiness that may have leaked into the effort.  I haven't been doing so well in the N&N departments, and can't afford to blow my Christmas this late in the game.

Speaking of afford, I suspect that as always, you won't be able to afford to miss what's going on in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.  If you want to know however, you can't afford to miss Toledo's largest circulation Sunday newspaper, especially when it's also the best weekly newspaper in the State of Ohio for the fifth straight year (at least according to the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists).  So take a little time off from 'Mall Madness' and read the Toledo Free Press.

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