Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary - Just Blowing Smoke

It was on this date back in 2007 (the second date that will no doubt "live in infamy") that the first post appeared on this site from some writing efforts that I had been playing with in another venue.  I had been a long time away from writing anything more interesting than technical manuals and more meaningful than some brochure copy, so many of the early efforts were crude at best.  (Many say that my efforts often still resemble such pinnacles of literature.)

Six years later, it's certainly questionable whether the writing has improved in any way; but the nature of the blog has certainly ... evolved (I was going to say 'matured', but we all know that such a term seldom if ever applies to JBS, and never to me). Here we are however, after entering over 1000 posts (some of them links to efforts for the TFP) and quickly closing in on 60,000 pageviews; for some unaccountable reason "Just Blowing Smoke" remains.  

I'm proud to say in fact, that during the intervening years, not only has JBS continued to maintain an audience in the US, but has grown to include audiences in western Europe and Asia.  Assuming that my tracking software is not merely taking note of cyber attacks, it's gratifying to realize that my efforts might be able to contribute my own bit of contributory negligence to destroying the concept of multi-culturalism.  

In the burgeoning world of New Media however, such numbers are insignificant, and mean that "Just Blowing Smoke" doesn't rate enough attention to even be attacked by prominent blogging sites of opposing views.  JBS is seldom 'called out' by other outlets (though there was a TFP effort of mine was once read by Glenn Beck on his syndicated radio show a couple of years ago).  Nor have these efforts been recognized by the far larger blogging world that it's a part of.  (Some would say for obvious reasons.)  There is some safety however in laboring in relative obscurity and corresponding anonymity, since the occasional creative failures can escape mostly unnoticed and in six years I have only been recognized on the street once as 'that smoking guy'. 

This is not to say that as someone purporting to be a writer, I don't like to be read.  In such situations, more is always better.  I am content however (actually, I'm shocked) to discover that there are still people out there who feel these efforts are of value ... or capable of garnering an occasional laugh.  As for notoriety, the relatively few times in my life that I gained even a sliver of the spotlight have normally proved personally dangerous and were usually followed by massive bouts of unjustified egotism followed by unintentional and very public commissions of social suicide. 

Even the few of you have shown yourselves sadly in need of proper training in good internet manners, based on the comments that you've submitted (most of which have needed to be moderated out to preserve the last shred of good taste remaining here) have been amusing in a rather perverse way.  As for the isolated threats of bodily harm offered by those who I must assume are even more twisted than I am; while I make no claims to personal bravery, I am nevertheless prepared to meet you on the 'Internet Field of Honor' and suggest that you have your seconds get in touch with my seconds. (If my seconds aren't available, contact my thirds.  If my thirds can't be found, let's have our fourths do lunch.  If even that doesn't work, would you consider splitting a fifth?)    

So on behalf of the lazy lexicographers of the SOS Dictionary, the twisted surveillance exploits of the Department of Just Blowing Smoke Security, the inconsistent efforts of the Senior Editorial Staff, and myself (Who said that there's no advantage to multiple personality disorder?) I would like to thank each and every one of you who continues to find the twisted nonsense, malodorous tripe, and recklessly produced natural fertilizer on this site worth losing a bit of time in your lives that you'll never get back.  

But enough of such pointless verbosity (you get enough of that from a normal effort).  Until early onset senility takes over the mostly empty space between my ears, my intention is to continue attempting to crank out at least two mostly useless and probably tasteless efforts per week.  The hope is that while sifting through the dross may be a bit of work, somewhere between the 'Infinite Monkey Theorem' and the 'Blind Squirrel Theory' you will occasionally discover something worthy of your consideration.

Who knows, in a year from now we may all be able to look back on this and say (as I'm sure my ex-spouses did) ... "Man, it's only been seven years.  It seemed like a lot longer."

deatach dóibh má tá tú bhí orthu  
(smoke 'em if you've got 'em)

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