Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TFP Column: Mainstream Media No Longer Recognizes Mission

Sure it's only Monday, but with the storms that were blowing through my area over the weekend, it seemed like a good idea to write while the lights were on and the Internet was working.  Which brings me to the subject or this weeks TFP effort, "Mainstream Media No Longer Recognizes Mission".  Sure this is a longer title than usual, but I suspect that smarter people me needed to do it because I was confused and had used this title before.  

Speaking of confused, it seems the Pew Research Institute has discovered that as many young people get their news from the Comedy Channel as do from ABC, NBC, and CBS.  Not to be left out of the party, Fox News has added a couple of more comedic efforts to its line up.  It's bad enough that most of the punditry passing for editorializing is a joke, but these latest crossover non-hit are bad news and worse comedy.

Fortunately, those of you in Toledo and Northwest Ohio can at least rely on both the 'Star' and weekend editions of Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper and Ohio's best weekly newspaper for the last four years; the Toledo Free Press.  

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