Friday, November 30, 2012

TFP Column: Conservative Christmas List

I had been absent from sending appropriate efforts to Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press for no good reason.  Quite frankly, with the election over and the season of holidays upon us, politics was probably not as much on my mind as it should have been.  The fact that no original ideas were rattling around in the empty head of mine (much as they failed to make their presence known in Washington DC's recent discussions) might also have had a bit to do with my absence.

I sent an apology to Michael for my shortcomings and lack of worthwhile ideas, he replied with a suggestion in keeping with the Christmas spirit which should now be upon all of us.  This spark of creativity on his part in turn led not only to this week's late breaking effort:  "Conservative Christmas List"; but to a further effort that I am working on for next week (and maybe even more).

Fortunately, Michael need not count on my productivity in order to produce a newspaper that keeps the Glass City not only informed, but entertained.  So if you're looking to be either as you work your way through the holiday shopping season, you could not do better than to pick up this week's edition (or spend some time on the website of) Toledo's largest circulation Sunday, and Ohio's best weekly newspaper (yet again); the Toledo Free Press.


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