Friday, November 9, 2012

TFP Column: Wait Until Nex Time II

Surely you didn't think that I'd let the election results be posted without having something to say about them.  Well I didn't and I do, and they've gone up this morning in a TFP effort entitled:  "Wait Until Next Time II".  I've never been much on sequels, and even less on those with opinions patting themselves on the back for their efforts.  I am so seldom right on my predictions however, that I couldn't resist a little shoulder dislocation by way of reminder.

While media pundits across the nation are dissecting how Mitt Romney lost because he didn't appeal to Hispanics, single Women, or Moderates; I contend that someone who got even fewer votes that the lackluster effort of his predecessor, (a perennial moderate) Senator John McCain, lost because he could make no emotional connection with, nor gather any excitement from the conservative base of the GOP.  Not only do I still contend that I am correct, but I contended it back on September 6th with a previous TFP effort:  "Wait Until Next Time". 

But heck, telling you too much about this week's column here would prevent you from discovering not only my opinion, but that of a bunch of other really smart people.  And speaking of smart people, it might also prevent you from being well informed about everything that's going on in Toledo and Northwest Ohio from Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Ohio's best weekly paper for so long that everyone's lost count ... The Toledo Free Press.          


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