Thursday, August 2, 2012

TFP Column: Falling Leaves Falling Levies

Last night's marathon writing session started out as a simple attempt to do a mid-week rant, but almost as quickly as the Blob (Steve McQueen version of course) it had grown out of proportion and completely out of control; requiring topical separation surgery before it engulfed the computer I was writing in on.  The part that didn't couldn't fit on the blog here yesterday however, is linked here today for your edification and education.  Editor-In-Chief Michael Miller, in yet another example consistent misjudgment and blinding speed, had it put up on the TFP website almost before it reached him electronically.

"Falling Leaves Falling Levies" will no doubt become part of a recurring theme in the days leading up to the November election, as I try to point out some of the perils and pitfalls of these self-imposed taxes on the voting public of the Glass City.  There's a lot of smart people in the Glass City, and continuing to reach out to them with logic and reason might just sway a few voters.  Reaching out to them with half-baked humor, prose dripping with sarcasm, and barely veiled insults (you know, like I normally do) might have some effect as well. 

Speaking of smart people in the Glass City ....  All the really smart ones keep up on what's going on there and the rest of Northwest Ohio by reading Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Ohio's best weekly newspaper for the last three years .... The Toledo Free Press     


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