Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Want To Be A Crony

I'm not normally big on promoting things from other blogs, though I'm always happy enough to cite the reference material I 'borrow' from fellow bloggers.  This is an exception that I'm happy to make for Mark Cunningham however.  It doesn't matter which party you belong to or what to what side of the aisle you lean.  It's both thought provoking and funny (and only a couple of minutes long).

Now while I may refer back to it in future efforts, I wanted to share it with you now without much in the way of embellishment.  So without further eloquence and absolutely no ado at all (sorry, I had a "Knight's Tale moment there), I give you "I Want To Be A Crony".

As for those of you expecting a mid-week rant, my attempt at doing so seemed to turn in to something worth offering to the Toledo Free Press.  If Michael accepts it, I will publish a link as soon as it's available.   Thanks ....  

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