Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TFP Column: Civil Political Discourse

I know that I'm supposed to be on vacation, but as I was getting ready to take this break, there remained a couple of efforts that were promised and delivered; and only now being released.  That included a piece that I wrote Saturday for the TFP.

In my particular case, it meant going back and looking at a subject that I had worked through a while back, that of "Civil Political Discourse".  It seemed that a couple of things needed to be presented to a wider audience whose political memory stretches no father back than Watergate (if that far) to point out that campaigns have used questionable rhetoric for as long as they've had campaigns in this country.

As for the concept of a debate, the definition of that word has likewise apparently disappeared into the mists of time; and like that of compromise, has become a form of politically expedient spinelessness.  Apparently schools no longer teach of some of the great political debates that it's had in its history, and that these ideological confrontations are part of a forgotten past.

What shouldn't be forgotten though, is that the 4th of July is fast upon us, and if you want to know the fireworks schedules and everything else going on in Toledo and Northwest Ohio for the holiday and the week; you're going to be able to find it in Toledo largest Sunday circulation and Ohio's Best Weekly newspaper for the last three years, the Toledo Free Press.

By the way, you'd be well-advised to check out last weekends special tribute to those who have served and are serving in the military from NW Ohio in the "2012 Military Yearbook" edition.


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