Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Murder Out There

Since the tragedy in Aurora, CO early Friday morning, we are once more deluged with an outpouring of tears, a plethora of local vigils, and an over-the-top outpouring of sympathy for the victims.  Pardon me for noticing, but it certainly seems like a number of you are in serious need of reducing the drama (real or imagined) in your phony baloney lives.    

Such a statement is likely going to get me into a fair amount of trouble, but I'm not sure that I care anymore.  I find that while nothing can match the anger and disgust I feel for this lousy bastard and his actions in Colorado, I'm also becoming increasingly sick of the collection of weepy faces around the country that the media seems to think are also important to the story.  I've had it with the non-stop and over-the-top tears of those who never knew any of the victims, have no experience with such tragedy in their own lives, and somehow just suddenly felt the need to express their ability to feel someone else's pain. (And just when a television camera or microphone was around.  Go figure!) 

Hey listen though, if you'd really like to go off on a crying jag, let me share some statistics which might engender some additional flower purchases, candle lighting, and teddy bear placement on your part.  Last year in 2011, 33 homicides were committed in Toledo, OH, 114 in Kansas City, 433 in Chicago, and just over 500 in NYC.  Where were you when any of those lives were ended?  Too busy watching "American Idol" or "Dancing with the Stars" perhaps, or maybe simply catching up on your daily quotient of faked reality shows; the main character of which you would run from screaming if ever you came across their path in 'real life'?

Before we are forced to bring in the grief counselors to conduct the proper level of therapy for you to obtain closure, and lest your outpouring of sympathy become overwhelming for the number of those killed in the US; you should know that six other nations killed more of their citizens per thousand residents than we did last year.  Of course while the US having the 7th highest homicide rate in the world is nothing to brag about, it might mean that there are citizens of nations out there who you might want to save some of that random and anonymous sympathy for on your Facebook page. 

Then again, perhaps we must ask ourselves if we really are sympathetic to every one of those in this nation who've lost their lives through homicide.  USA Today was able to document back in 2007 that 91% of murder victims in Baltimore had a criminal record; while the numbers were 85% in Newark, NJ, 77% in Milwaukee, and 75% in Philadelphia.  Does anyone feel like lighting a candle for any of the member of these homicide statistics?  Can I get anyone a tissue?  

On a related subject ....

Lest there are any of you our there are seeking to turn your mourning for the victims of this particular tragedy into moaning that what's required to properly memorialize their loss is more gun control ... cut it out.  Not only does the fact that 35% of the homicides in the US are committed with things other than guns show your lack of imagination compared to those doing the killing out there, but continuing to beat this tired drum also begs the question as to what other things you'd like to control in your fervor to exert power over the behavior of society.  

Illegal immigrants (sorry, undocumented residents) in this country account for 21% of crime in this country according to Rasmussen (which must by implication include the murder rate).  Are you therefore calling for greater control of Illegal immigration and deportation of those in this country illegally as a way to reduce the homicide rate?  Shall we put a 3-day waiting period on cutlery purchases or ban certain blade lengths and kinds of knives?  How about axes, baseball bats, or plain old sections of pipe?  (Please note that I did not mention chainsaws, as I find that even the movies that depict their use on anything other than trees as at least a misdemeanor criminal offense ... to public taste if nothing else.)  What are we to about those nasty appendages on the ends of our arms that pull the trigger, hold the blade, or are simply used to choke? 

Unfortunately so is the perfunctory, self-seeking, and self-serving blubbering from a mostly superficial and largely uncaring public who use such events to display the same disingenuous fervor as they do for the next winner of "The Bachelor"(As for the vultures of the mainstream media feeding them juicy tidbits 24 hours-a-day for little more than a cheap ratings boost, my scorn for you knows no bounds.)      

The bottom line here is that murders are committed by people who are evil, crazy, or crazy-evil.  No law, no regulation, and no mandated 3-day waiting period is going to keep them from committing their nefarious deeds.  And as a part of the twisted and malicious acts that these monsters commit, innocent people will sometimes pay the ultimate price.  Nobody wants to hear this of course; but whether you like it or not, their malignant nature is a part of the human condition that's impossible to eliminate.  Despite our best intentions and no matter how much we would like it to be otherwise; it's murder out there.  

(To those of you hoping or expecting that like most Saturdays, today's effort would be an attempt to find a bit of humor in our everyday existence; my profound apologies.  This is my blog however, to use as I see fit; and this nonsense had to be called out for what much of it is .... crap!)

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